Medical Clinic Day 2 – Steve’s Group

We had more of a leisurely morning – got to sleep in a bit! We had devotional time this morning because of our late night yesterday. We shared many God sightings from our time at the village yesterday and learned how to look at God’s Word in a new way.

After lunch, we had another adventuresome ride up and around another mountain. We were warmly welcomed by a community dressed in their best clothing and smiles. As the medical clinic was getting set up people began arriving from various distances depending on where their homes and farms were. They were gracious and well mannered people who treated us as their guests.

After seeing more than 70 families concerning their medical needs the time arrived to show the Jesus film.  Although the usual number of women and children made up the crowd, we noticed a number of men, young and old were also present. (along with a few dogs 🙂

Folks, the Holy Spirit was really moving tonight! The crowd was engaged from the very beginning. The altar call brought many to their feet to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. There were many prayers and hugs exchanged during the worship time afterward. It is a special blessing to see the power of the Holy Spirit as he brings people to Christ. The angels are rejoicing!!

Once again the Lord protected out of the villages. It was a rugged dirt path with many ruts and tight turns. All of the vans were equipped with chains and tow ropes in case rains deteriorated the roads to an inpassable state. Just as we were packing up, large drops of rains started to fall. We gathered to pray for safety and against the rain. Within minutes of starting out the rain stopped. Praise the Lord we’re back at the base safely! 


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Medical Clinic #1 – Mark’s group

We began our day packing meds and beans and rice for the medical clinic in the afternoon. It was about 2 1/2 hour drive out to the medical clinic through gorgeous mountain scenery!  When we arrived, the people were all sitting waiting and we threw a soccer ball on their field and gobs of kids filled the field!!  They had a nice cement field with a brand new roof over it.  The people were all dressed in their beautiful traditional clothing, all hand stitched.  We served 55 families, about 150 people, in the medical clinic and the rest of the group played with the kids and built relationships. 

We showed the Jesus film and the kids were enthralled with it and sat as still as could be.  The emotion from the video was seen on the faces of the people in the crowd.  After the Jesus film, we sang some songs for them and shared some of our testimonies.  Hermano Jesus then gave a little sermon and gave an opportunity to accept Christ.  Many of them responded to the call and came down to accept.  The Spirit was there and alive and we were privileged to witness that.  That will be a memory we will hold on to forever.  We handed out New Testaments to those who had accepted Christ and then we prayed over them.  We handed out rice and beans to each family that attended the medical clinic.  We packed up all the meds and then prayed and headed back to the base about 9 pm.  It was another exhausting but filling and amazing experience watching the spirit work in these peoples lives.

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Dedication Day-John’s Group Reporting

We had an awesome time dedicating houses today. We finished the houses by noon. Roofing and painting were the jobs of the day. We all had fun painting the walls with pictures and verses on them and each other 🙂 Then we went to each house to dedicate it and present the gospel to the family that will live in it. Ten out of the fourteen people that had the opportunity to accept Christ did. What a blessing! The 4 that didn’t were Kevin, Cindy, Rubin, and Rosaura. Please stay in prayer for their souls as a war is being fought for them. It was a hard day as well because we had to say goodbye to all of our new friends, mostly the kids. They are soooooooo cute!! The poverty level and positive attitudes that the people have are such a huge reminder that we are so blessed, even for things like safe water, running water, flushing toilets, and food that isn’t prepared on a table in the middle of the dirt yard.  Please also pray for spirutual and physical strength as we are all exausted and have 2 clinic days coming up soon.

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Stucco Day!

Today we headed out to the village for Day 2 building day. This consisted of sanding off the leftover gawk and stucco-ing the house. This basically is the painting of the outside of the homes. Half the group (as well as little Guatemalans) ran the stucco back and forth to keep the process going. We finished all five houses, and the men continued to install porches on the outside, while the others had the enjoyment of playing with the kids!

The rain held off all day, and only began to thunder and lightning as we left. God was definitely alive and and working today in that village! Besides a small lack of sleep and a few cuts we are all doing healthy! The prayers from home are felt down here and we know that without prayer warriors like you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

As tomorrow is our final day in this village, which means dedications, we ask you pray for Hermano Jesus and his message as well as the hearts of the families to be opened up. We thank you for all the supported you have already given and ask for continued prayers of health, safety, and for our hearts and eyes to be opened to the love of Christ.

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Day one for FRCSC – Terry’s group reporting

Arrived last night at about midnight to the base camp.  We got through customs without any trouble.  Got some sleep and headed out this morning about 7:00.  Day one was a good day.  1.5 hour drive to the site on some rough roads.   The team framed five 10 x 12 houses.  Sheetrock is on the inside and cement board on the outside.  Tomorrow we will install the door and window as well as stucco the outside.

Everyone is doing well.  We will work two more days on the houses and turn them into homes on the final day by turning them over to the new owners and have an opportunity to share Christ. 

Please keep praying for health, good weather, safety as we work, and an opportunity to share the love of Christ while we work. 

Thanks for praying!

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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Iowa June 4-11, 2012.

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